The "Wogs and Frogs" meeting

at the National Motor Museum, Launceston on the 5th November 2016
DSC05466  The forgotten marques - Darracq and Panhard Photo: Trevor Wise DSC05473  The crowd gathers  Photo Trevor Wise (TW) IMG 3347  facing the museum Photo CF IMG 3349  and spread to the overflow parking Photo CF
IMG 3351  Wall to wall Frogs Photo CF DSC05455  A Renault concentration Photo TW 20161105 094508  A Renault of Peter Davson-Galle, Club President Photo Gerry Freed (GAF) DSC05458  Two Italian extremes Photo TW
DSC05480  How many marques? Photo TW DSC05486  The overflow park Photo TW DSC05457  The Caravelle poses Photo TW DSC05479  A time to view and natter Photo TW
DSC05491  Another well presented Renault Photo TW IMG 3318  They keep on coming Photo CF DSC05492  Probably a Renault corner Photo TW DSC05495  Gassing while the old gasworks looks on Photo TW
DSC05498  Renault and Citroën mingle Photo TW DSC05503  The modern touch Photo TW DSC05509  Fiat Mazda meets Mégane Photo TW IMG 3327  and alone Photo CF
IMG 3317  That is how they began Photo Colin Fuller (CF) IMG 3333  and acquired a new nose Photo CF IMG 3332  and a square rear end Photo CF IMG 3320  C3 Pluriel but there was only one Photo CF
IMG 3330  Born among the olive groves Photo CF IMG 3329  Fiat fan looking for the motor Photo CF IMG 3321  Cinquecento Photo CF IMG 3323  and feisty grandchild Photo CF
IMG 3331  Stretched limo? Photo CF 20161105 094601  Una bella macchina Photo GAF IMG 3322  More Ferrari Photo CF DSC05515  and the machinery behind the left ear Photo GAF
DSC05519  The Renault fleet Photo TW DSC05520  Wagon Lit? Photo TW IMG 3324  New cars on show Photo CF DSC05522  and their rear ends Photo TW
IMG 1688  An undersized bonnet Photo TW 20161105 100246  Mazda Fiat by Abarth Photo GAF 20161105 094234  Explaining the lubrication Photo GAF IMG 3206  Chester leaves, ignored by a man in a flat beret Photo TW
20161105 094338  A rare photo of the 24CT with the bonnet closed Photo GAF IMG 3325  Panhard as usual - bonnet up. Note spare crankshaft  Photo CF 20161105 094435  Half as many cylinders as the Panhard Photo GAF 20161105 100307  The latest Morgan. Not a Frog but its grandfather was assembled in France by Darmat Photo GAF
IMG 3326  We end with the beginning Photo CF